North Korea’s At It Again

So I’ve had my daily browse on the BBC news website and I keep coming across stories like this daily:

North Korea ‘expands plutonium production’, says US

I don’t understand why the countries associated with the UN don’t just invade the country already? What facilities has that country got that our countries haven’t? I know Kim the lad forces all the men to join the army, so that’s what, 25,000,000 if that. We outnumber them by a long shot. I think the way the country operates is disgraceful.

Tell me you can’t watch this documentary and feel angry by the operation of North Korea:

BBC Panorama 2013 North Korea Undercover

Like what even is that country? How can it operate like that? Why can’t the people just rebel? We are living in 2016 yet those civilians are being treated no different to Jews in a WW2 Polish ghetto. Stories of North Korea anger me so much – yet they frighten me at the same time.

Say North Korea used this hydrogen bomb which they claimed to have “successfully tested”. What state would that leave our world in? I can guarantee Russia are waiting for a country to be the first one in recent years to use one in an act of war in order for them to justify their actions. I know Putin wants to unleash his weaponry, he’s just sitting back waiting for it all to kick off so he can jump in and BAM! – full scale nuclear war. Once they hit that button it’s game over for all of us.

Why do the UN keep imposing sanctions on North Korea that are not going to be abided by, and even if they were to be abided by, how would we know. They are arguably the most secretive country in the world. Whenever I am looking at case studies in world development at college and I have a world map which is colour coded showing trends, I can spot North Korea out like a sore thumb. Always shaded that horrid grey colour with the key stating “no data”. The country never has data! Does the country even exist? It’s a third world, completely isolated from the rest of the planet. Who knows what is going through the minds of the citizens. Never seen equality. Never seen democracy. Christ, they’ve never seen branding for goodness sake. The country is a mess and I cannot help but feel ever so sorry for the poor people. They are blissfully unaware of the lives we live that we take for granted by a long shot.

But then again, they don’t know any different. Maybe they look at democracy the way we look at dictatorship. Maybe they are saying the same about us and it fills them with hatred that Kim hasn’t launched his hydro bomb at us, or do they?


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