A Waste Of Taxpayers Money

I read this recently on the BBC news website:

‘I brushed past her … then was charged with sex attack’

What the actual f*ck? How can this have been allowed. I cannot express how much this annoys me purely for the fact the allegation was completely false and inaccurate and the money that paid for this trial came from the taxpayer!

The woman making the accusation should be bollocked for making such a claim. And the Crown Prosecution Service should be ashamed of themselves for taking such a case seriously and leading the man to a 90 minute trial. Thankfully the jury saw sense and acquitted him but it could very easily have gone the other way and we would have had another person in prison for something they DID NOT DO!

I can’t help but think how many trials like this happen regularly, because not all juries would have acquitted this defendant and so I can guarantee there will be people locked up for false allegations.

You can even see in the CCTV how absurd it would be to suggest the man did what the lady claims to have happened.

When will our courts system and people get a grip and stop wasting time, money and resources?


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