The Stresses of AS Levels

I’ve got coursework and essay tasks being thrown at me at all directions. I cannot stand the stress that college students are under these days.

I remember sitting GCSE chemistry and my teacher told me the stuff he was teaching us he wasn’t taught until A level, which makes me think the things I’m learning my teachers weren’t taught until degree level, which makes me dread university! Although to be fair, most teachers have told me A levels are harder than university for some bizarre reason?

I have tried to manage my time but I can’t seem to get it right. My head is all over the place and I am starting to get bad headaches literally from the stress I am under. Business is a nightmare because I can’t apply my knowledge. I have the knowledge, but that isn’t what I get marks for. I have to apply it to case studies which isn’t hard in theory but in practice I am finding it impossible.

Law was good from September to January but now it is starting to mess with my head due to the vast amount of cases I have to learn along with all the facts and legal points to be considered for each one.

Philosophy and Ethics really is the worse one because it really messes with your head and I find it hard to come to a firm decision because there are so many conflicting points. For those who think this is a posh subject, I can assure you it is not. It is actually religious studies but my school thought it would be better to call it philosophy and ethics – God knows why [see what I did there 😉 , I find myself so amusing XD].

I have no idea why I chose world development. I just didn’t want to do general studies as I heard universities don’t think much of it. All I can say it, there is only so much geographical and economics work a person can take so I am glad I only have the subject once a week.

Applied ICT is the best subject for me at the moment because a lot of it is coursework assessed which makes it easier for me to focus on in college, as well as allowing me more time to do assignments and hand them in.

A levels are just a nightmare though altogether. It’s only 10 school weeks until my exams so plus the 3 weeks worth of holidays that’s just 13 weeks until exam season. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that as 13 is an unlucky number but I’ve gone passed the point of caring.

If you’re reading this and you’re doing GCSEs hear my advice – just go and hide in a cave and live there forever because it’s not too late. I will say I warned you when you decide to disobey me and begin your A levels anyway, but by then it will be too late and you will be stuck where I am.

I warned you


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