My Goals (11/02/2016)

I’ve decided to lay down some goals for my life as of today and will reflect as I make my way through the list to see how I am getting on.

First and foremost, I want to achieve at least a B in all my A levels which I will have achieved by August 2017. This is very important in order for me to get into university.

I am unsure what university I want to go to. It is likely to be the University of Liverpool which is currently my first choice to study either Business Management; Marketing; or Law with Business. This is currently undecided but whatever degree I take up, I should have passed by August 2020.

After university I NEED to travel. I have an obsession with the USA and I would love to explore all areas of the country. I know it’s going to be very expensive but the country fascinates me and I would love to get to know more about it. I do get a tad jealous about people who live there however I would love to hear your thoughts on it so feel free to comment. If you don’t wish to tell me however rest assured that I am here in the UK longing to be there in your country 😉

After touring the states, London is the place for me. I currently live in Hull in the UK which is not a very nice city. The people are vile, the local government is a joke, the atmosphere is terrible, the reputation is vulgar, need I go on. Simply search “Hull” on Google and you will see what I mean. There are various news articles slandering us. Let me find some for you:

A recent SHOOTING in the city

Man found with an axe in the city

Hull is “worst place to live”

See what I mean? I hate it. I like London and London is where I want to be. To work, live, play, all that jazz. It has more to offer for me than HULL! While we’re on the subject, I will probably write a nice article in the future about how terrible this city is which I’m sure you’ll love to read.

Moving swiftly on, I would like to talk about something which I have not actually mentioned since starting this blog ironically – smoking. I want to quit when I’m between the ages of 40-50. My friends think I am kidding myself but who are they to judge?! It is my life and not theirs! I know what I am and aren’t going to do so they can PISS OFF! Yes, I enjoy smoking currently as it adds to the delight of social occasions and it works wonders on a stressful mind but I feel middle age period is the time to give it up because that’s when shit gets real guys and I should start worrying about cancer and shiz. I can guarantee I have just pissed of a lot of older people who are probably cursing me for thinking I am invincible but never mind 😛

Not a lot more I want to do after that. Not that I have thought in great detail anyway. Travelling is nice. I like to party. Fat chance of me finding a decent bloke in the future to live with so I am going to be one of these OAPs you get lining up outside clubs no doubt because I do love a good party. Can’t beat a good night out I think.

In alcohol’s defence, I’ve done some pretty crazy shit when sober too!


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