Seriously Serious

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem with their friends but I certainly do. Most of them seem to take things so seriously and this adds to my stress.

I like to think myself as a funny guy who is always jolly to people and likes to make them laugh but sometimes they don’t seem to appreciate my humour and started to get aggravated.

Today at college there was a tampon left on our table in the common room and nobody would own up to who’s it was. I wasn’t actually trying to be funny but I opened it up and on of my friends kicked off saying how it was not funny and it may “offend some girls”. I said to her how I appeared to have “touched a nerve” but she didn’t reply. She said herself that she wasn’t offended but that others may be.

I have a few assumptions and questions that have arisen out of this snap at me.

First of all, after asking around, I realised that it is highly unlikely someone would be offended by what I did. Yes, I know it wasn’t mature, but I mean, seriously? How can somebody be offended by me opening a tampon and simply placing it on the table, unless they’re extremely weird and consider them to be micro pets who have “feelings”.

Yea, I know all about feelings. I felt a bit sh*t after having a bollocking for that.

Silly me, but silly friend too!

Catch you all tomorrow when it will be FRIDAY and the end to a STRESSFUL term!


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