A Little Break

I haven’t posted for a few days because I’ve been treating myself to a stress free break before I begin my feat of catching up on a lot of college work.

I work during the weekends as well as a waiter in a restaurant just 5 minutes from where I live so just for future reference, if I’m not posting on here on a Saturday or Sunday, I’m probably at work!

I’ve got a lot of philosophy and ethics revision to do today and I really cannot be bothered. It was the biggest regret of my life and I don’t see why I would in the right state of mind choose A level religious studies in the first place. I just want to get a decent grade at AS and then drop the pile of shite.

I should also get some business work done too because I do not appear to be very good in that subject – not as much as I would like to be anyway.

And later on I’ve got a meal and party at work for someone who’s leaving. I’m 16 and everyone else is over 18 so I’m going to feel a bit awkward drinking there with them all but never mind, I’m sure I’ll be fine once I’ve got a drink inside me. I will have to let you know how that one goes on. Knowing me I won’t have a job this time tomorrow.

Short and sweet this morning but I’ll probably post later when I’m stressing as usual. Catch you all later!


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