Embarrassing Drunk

So I went to my mates leaving do at work last night and I enjoyed it, until I started drinking. I couldn’t even tell you what I had because I was mixing all sorts but I was truly fucked. 

I believe I did Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush on karaoke which I can only assume was the most vile sound and I am struggling to come to terms with the embarrassment I caused for myself. 

I walked home at around 12 and was sick in my bedroom for my mum to clean up and I’ve also stained my adidas superstars with mud, God knows how because I don’t think I walked through fields. 

I also must have fell over and cracked my head open or something because I’ve got a big scar on my forehead and it’s also very tender. 

All this due to drinking that we voluntarily pay for. It’s all a laugh though I guess. Right now I’m starving and might have to bombard the cupboards for food. I’m going to a Chinese buffet later for a friends birthday so I’m looking forward to that – but I won’t be drinking 😉 



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