Short Tempers

Today has not been a good day at sixth form. I have been bunged up with a cold all day and been getting stressed at everything.

2nd lesson I had business and my team were given a task a few weeks back to carry out a survey using Google Forms and then gathering the results and writing a summary on them. My team mate asked for my help writing the summary but I told her I had no frees for the rest of the day to which she went in a massive mood with me for the duration of the lesson and said she would do it herself. I asked her at the end to send it to me so I could do it and make it look like I had put some input into the task but she was having none of it. I just let her get on with that because I have no time for people who make a big deal over silly little things like writing a small paragraph on results for a poxy chocolate bar survey!

At lunchtime, one of my friend’s, lets call her W for the time being, was bigging up where she works. She works in a restaurant which also holds functions, most notably weddings, very frequently throughout the year. She was showing off how they have 2 weddings a week while my other friend, L, was saying how her pub have only had one wedding in the 3 years she has worked there. W found this terribly amusing for whatever reason and she spent the rest of lunchtime taking the piss out of L’s smaller pub. As if it matters where you work and what jobs you have to do. It’s a fucking job at the end of the day and at our age, we should be lucky to have them!

Right, I’m out for the day. Time for some law revision.


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