Man Flu Is Taking Its Toll

Today has been a pisstake. I’ve been feeling so shit and the stress from all the work I have to do is just making everything 10 times worse.

I’ve been going in and out of that stage where you feel a cough coming and you do your best to hold it in and then it starts getting harder to do it and you either let off a giant cough or your nose lets air out leading to snot everywhere. I did that today in the common room and my soother flew across the table and landed in some poor girl’s work. Not pretty.

On the plus side, my A1 paper that I ordered from Amazon on Friday has arrived so I look forward to making some big mind maps for philosophy and ethics. Right now I’m trying to focus on finishing my business flashcards. Speaking of business, my lever arch file is at breaking point and will explode at any moment if my workload keeps growing at its current rate. I literally cannot fit anything else in and the paper is starting to go around the curve of the clipper. This means I have to go and buy another lever arch file to put the other half of my work in which is not good for my OCD as I need to have everything together. I’ve considered a box file but I ain’t carrying one of those around with me as I’d look a right pillock.

Over and out.


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