Work Experience

I am starting to get very stressed. I was told about work experience for my sixth form back on 22nd February and have left it right until the last minute to bother looking because I’ve been too busy during revision.

I’ve got a form that needs filling in by the employer by 24th March! I have just tried calling all solicitors in my local area and they’re either busy or asking me to email them but that is going to take even longer. I am starting to stress because I want a work experience placement as I didn’t do it in year 10 and I have nothing good to reflect about me on my UCAS application in November so if I don’t get some sort of experience I’m screwed. I currently work in a bar of course but I can state that as any form of work experience as I’ll look very silly wanting to go into that career in the future with my degree.

Some solicitors have even told me to send them in a full CV and covering letter! What a pisstake! I can understand if I was applying for a job but all I am looking for a is a 5 day work experience placement and it’s not like I’m going to be representing someone in court, all I’ll be doing is making the tea and all that shit.

My life is just such as mess at the moment because I have no idea what I want to study at uni or what career I want to progress into. My careers advisor at college is shit and no help at all so I just feel stuck. None of my close friends know either and are just going where the wind takes them so I am stressing because God knows what we are all going to end up doing in a few years time.

I might have to go and have another chat with the careers advisor tomorrow to ask if she can extend my deadline to just after the Easter holidays. I have already sent her an email but she won’t fucking reply the stupid cow.


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