Bossy Colleagues

Tonight at work was good up until the last half an hour.

There’s a bloke there and in all fairness he’s a team leader so I am a subordinate to him but he abuses his power.

He always wants to stay behind after closing hours to lock up yet he gets paid more than all the other team leaders and does more hours. He has only had 10 months experience also whereas the others have had up to 6 years.

He always picks on me to send home and he is very paranoid that I have this thing against him. He likes to send me home wherever he can but he never does it in front of the manager or assistant manager. Last night I locked up and he was very jealous today so he sent me home at 22:00 when I would usually do at least until 23:00 easy on a Saturday night.

Not many of the staff are keen on him anyway so I am glad I am not the only one who sees what is going on. The bad thing is, 2 of my favourite colleagues are leaving by September and I am not looking forward to it because I will not be able to have the same laughs with the others that I have with them and I will be stuck with this knobhead who I have to look up to.

Tonight I was put on orders as a responsibility and I have done it many times before yet he feels the need to constantly check up on me to make sure I am doing it right and he even went so far as to intervene and take table orders when I was meant to which messed up my system! Even I have had more experience than him in this industry I cannot wait for the day when I don’t have to look up to him anymore which I place around August 2017 as I will then be starting to go to uni if all goes to plan.

At least I ain’t working with him tomorrow!

















7 thoughts on “Bossy Colleagues

      1. I think that as soon as someone becomes a manager of some sort they should go for a class or a course that can teach them inter-personal and delegation skills.


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