Wrong Name

We have a taxi driver who lives opposite us on our street who died suddenly of a heart attack last week.

My mum saw one of those bereavement messages in the paper the other day with the man’s wife’s name on so she has written a card to post through the letter box just as a matter of courtesy.

She wrote the card out nicely and addressed it to Janet who she believed was the lady’s name and posted it through the letter box. She got back to check the paper and ensured she had done it all correctly and realised the name was actually Linda and not Janet. After a little cry and a hissy fit with lots of swearing, she has gone back up the road to get a new card to address to the correct lady this time.

I said to just write out another card and sign it from “number 6” so she thinks the other card is from strangers but apparently that was a silly idea.



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