Work On My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I stupidly didn’t book it off work so I had to go in and was there until half 11 😒. 

Normally I wouldn’t mind a late finish because it’s more money but I wanted to go home to have a drink seen as it was my birthday and I have to start at 12:00 today which hasn’t left a lot of time since last nights shift. 

I had an awful snob come in last night with his girlfriend. He asked for the draught cider and when I gave it to him he said it tasted like shit. I said to him the barrel is not empty as I’ve just been down there and he refused to have a new drink. I told him there was nothing I could do and he walked away. I think he was annoyed that I had turned him down for a table of 2 earlier as we were full. He should have booked because it was a Saturday night and you can’t expect it not to be busy!

I did see that gay couple though last night. They came in for a meal and some drinks and I served them both which is always a delight for me 😂


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