Sorry for my absence, anyway:

I am absolutely sick to death of putting effort in when the person in return isn’t willing to do the same!
Since my last post a few months back, I met a boy on tinder. He lived quite far away but we both completely fell for each other, well, I did for him anyway. Finally I had someone to speak to everyday who made me happy. Someone to give me a reason to get out of bed. Someone who pulled me out of the dark abyss I had been in for several months prior. Someone who was just there…for me. His name, lets call him J. 

I’d always get a smile when he text me. People at college soon caught on why I was always texting and smiling. I couldn’t kept it a secret through no control of my own. 

We met about 2 months after talking. It was May. It was the first time and I haven’t seen him since. We had a good day; went shopping, had a meal where he works, his dad even drive him back to the station where I live so I could catch my bus home! He was so lovely and his dad apparently liked me. Everything was going so well. 

J has high ambitions. He wants to be a doctor. He revises constantly and this mean that around exam time, we couldn’t text or FaceTime as much. We agreed that we would next meeting in the six weeks holidays. We arranged to go to Alton towers. 

2 days later, it was over… What happened? What had I done wrong? He complained about the distance and the fact we will be going to uni and how he will have to work so hard and how it’s silly people have relationships at this age. We agreed to stay friends and meet up still and TALK!

It was hard, but I got used to speaking to him as a friend. I went 2 days without speaking to him this week and I felt no sadness! 

Anyway, today I strike up a conversation about results day tomorrow. He sent one reply, I sent one back – no response. This isn’t the first time this has happened. He has often read messages without replying. He’s actually had the cheek though to post on Facebook. 

I don’t know why but this has really got to me. I’m sorry for the long post but I needed to vent. I’m absolutely livid! But, effort needs to work both ways. 

So I’m back to blogging. Expect to hear about J a lot over the next few posts on my unpleasant journey. 

I’ll post tomorrow with it being results day. I’ll see if he’s bothered to talk then. 


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